We collate and provide intelligence to the police about men/ women who seek to gain sexual gratification from children using social media.  It’s time to stop them.


6 thoughts on “OPIT”

    1. Lee would have got “Credit” for pleading guilty, this can give an offender up to 40% reduction on a sentence.
      It’s disappointing, however, he is on a suspended sentence, any wrong moves and he could be jailed.
      Thanks for the comment


  1. Can you tell me have you any info in Geoffrey Garrett of Skegness who was charged with grooming a teenage boy while working on the donkeys


  2. I work in a secure unit for up to 18 yr olds.im in constant contact with a serial child molester of 16 yrs old.sexual assaults on kiddies as young as 8.both sexes.all people close to him.brothers,family friends,younger peers etc.coercion and manipulation was his m.o. he got 6 years for 34 counts…no method of sentance or reform will ever change his tendencies.he constantly manipulates his environment and everyone in it.i risked my life not long ago fending off 8 other prisoners trying to snuff him out.earlier that day id been injured restraining him to his room after he’s exploded..after his manipulation didnt get him what he wants.today as he’s self harming with a ligature around his neck,I wait to cut it off,wondering whats the point?


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